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Hawthorne, NJ: Jonathan Dental Spa – Location

Situated on the edge of Bergen and Passaic county, Jonathan Dental Spa is conveniently located within the city of Hawthorne, NJ. Our patients know that a highly skilled dentist is hard to find. We have patients that drive from 2 hours away to have their smiles transformed by Dr. Abenaim.

How Far Should You Travel For A Dentist in the Garden State?

When dentists were asked just how far that the average patient will travel for treatment, many of them noted that the distance up 10 miles. However, there are a number of patients that will keep their dentists even after they move hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away. It may come as no surprise that rural patients will often travel much farther for dental treatment than urban residents do.

One rural dentist noted that some patients will travel 30 miles or more, with some even getting patients that come in from other states or countries.

Exact percentages for travel distance in one study were as follows:


Rural, Urban And Suburban Dentists

The geographic location of a dentist will play a major role, although it may not be quite as dramatic as expected. Both urban and suburban dentists are twice as likely as any rural dentist to report that the average patient traveled fewer than five miles to get dental treatment.

However, the urban dentists were much more likely than rural dentists to have people on their patient list who were traveling 10 miles or more for treatment.

Far Away Patients

At Jonathan Dental Spa, we have both active local clients as well as those on an international level. One patient travels as necessary from Florida for any of his restorative needs.

It is not all that uncommon for a specialist to see patients that come from 90 miles away, or even further. A good number of patients have no problem traveling four hours or longer just to get their treatment from someone that they know and trust will do a great job.

Some Dental Patients Reside In Other Countries

A lot of local patients will travel a great distance, but there are also patients who come in from foreign countries and spend summers in the States and wish to book their dental treatments during that time.

Some Patients Will Move Without Switching Dentists

According to an urban Florida dentist, the dental software they have in the office tells them that about 20% of their patients actually live further than 20 miles from their office. Some of the patients will work downtown, while some a long time patients that moved about 20 to 60 miles away but still like to come back for their dental needs. By the same token, a suburban Colorado dentist stated that they have a good bit of patients that have moved away, or out of the state, yet keep coming back for dental care whenever they are in the area.

At our New Jersey office, we are  happy to accommodate our patients that move out of the area. For more information on our dental implants, click here for more information.