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Am I Right for Implants?

So Dr Jonathan Abenaim of Dental Implants of New Jersey says:

Practically everybody who is healthy is a candidate for dental implants.

Most of the patients that are really not candidates for dental implants are people that are uncontrolled diabetics, people who smoke a lot and have no desire to quit, or people with connective tissue diseases. Also patients who’ve had some sort of radiation therapy are not the best candidates for dental implants.

For those that are healthy – you have to set up a consultation with a qualified implantologist and speak to them, and then you can decide with them what’s the best option and if dental implants are an option for you.

We see people regularly in my office to ascertain whether they are or are not candidates for dental implants and also to see whether they qualify for an even higher level of implants that we call “teeth in an hour.

With certain patients with good jaw bone density, we can actually put in dental implants from scratch in just 1 hour.

Literally, people come into the office without a tooth and 1 hour later they walk out with the implant in place and no missing teeth anymore.