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Cost of Implants

Dr Jonathan M Abenaim of Dental Implants New Jersey talks about the cost of having implants:

Well, the national average for a titanium screw, just the part that replaces your root is about $2,000.

Then you add another $2,000 for the post and crown. Again this is a national average .

Do you charge that?

No – our fees are much lower. The reason the cost is as high as that is usually because there are two different dentists doing each part of the process. If there are two different offices, then there are two costs involved. In my office, we’re actually able to keep prices down considerably.

What is the cost?

Once again, it depends on your type of treatment. It’s really hard to pinpoint in terms of putting it on a menu

If you’re only having one tooth or if you’re having ten teeth it makes a difference.

Once you’re in there the cost of set-up for surgery is the same for 1 implant or 10 implants so we’re able to decrease the overall cost per implant considerably for more multi-implant procedures.

The more implants you get, the cheaper it will actually be and remember our costs are much lower because we do it all in one office.