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Implants and Anesthesia

Do you have to be ‘put out’ to have implants done?

Dr Jonathan Abenaim of Dental Implants New Jersey says :

No, because the surgery is so minimally invasive – most of the time without any incisions or sutures.  I really don’t recommend my patients go to sleep for implant dentistry. We can give them some laughing gas, some valium just before to calm them down, but most of my patients take the day off for the implant surgery, come in at 9:00 am and they’re out by 11:00 am. Instead of going home to sleep they can actually go out and spend the rest of the day shopping or being with their family. So, really there’s no need to be put to sleep.

But this procedure seems like it would be intensive? :

Having dental implants sounds much more invasive than it really is but, to be honest, it’s probably easier for the patient to sit through an implant procedure than a crown procedure. The pain is almost always virtually non-existent. We give our patients antibiotics, we give them pain medication like Tylenol just because sometimes they have a little bit of soreness, but most of my patients don’t even take it. They go out or go home and take a power nap and are fine in two to three days. Plus we give them antibiotics so the success rates of the implants go up, but really that’s it. The Implant patients seen at Dental Implants New Jersey are back to work the next day.