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Metal Free Implants

We are proud to announce that we are now offering METAL FREE FDA approved Dental Implants.

Is Zirconiumoxide a new material?

metalfreeimplantZirconiumoxide is not new for medical applications. Zirconiumoxide hip implants have been in use for nearly twenty years (1.8 million implants) and long-term clinical studies exist for these applications.

For dental applications zirconiumoxide has been used for approximately ten years in root posts, and for the last even years in crown and bridge restorations.

How does the mechanical strength of zirconia implants compare to titanium implants?

In contrast to titanium, zirconiumoxide has a significant higher flexural strength. The flexural strength of zirconiumoxide is within 1200-1500 MPa, approximately three times higher than the flexural strength of titanium at 400 MPa.

The monoblock design of Z-Look implants increases the stability by a further 100 – 200%, due to avoiding the reduction in wall thickness of conventional implant designs.

Have implant fractures occurred?

The world market leader for zirconiumoxide products have produced all Z-Look3 implants, with more than 2500 inserted implants. Only one implant fracture has occurred so far, due to trauma. In comparison, the zirconiumoxide abutments of most manufacturers are in some parts only 0.5 mm thick. The slimmest implant core, excluding the threads of Z-Look implants is 2.75 mm.
Hip implants despite the high forces acting on them, have shown to be very reliable.

Does zirconiumoxide dissolve when in contact with body fluids?

No. Zirconiumoxide has a melting point of 2700 degrees Celsius and no free electrons.
Even very strong acids in very high concentrations will not be able to dissolve zirconiumoxide.