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What’s new with Implants?

To the question ” What’s new about Dental Implants?

Dr Jonathan Abenaim of Dental Implants New Jersey  replies: “Dental implants are not really a new thing in history.

We have documents indicating the first implant may have happened as far back as 200-300 CE!

But implants started to become mainstream about 40-50 years ago.

What’s new about dental implants is that we’ve perfected our surgical procedures and techniques so that it is much more comfortable for the patient pre and post operatively. It is frankly easier than getting a crown done.

Patients walk out without any pain, because the bone has virtually no nerve endings and success rates are up to 98%.

Dental implants are just a wonderful thing that’s transforming people’s lives and that’s why I enjoy doing it.

In terms of what the implants do, they basically replace the roots of your tooth. Once the roots are replaced, we are able to connect the pieces and put the crown on top, and then that’s basically it.

The pain is not there, the cost is much smaller, and most , if not all our patients are happy with the procedure.”