About Us

Dentist in Hawthorne, NJ

EXTREME DENTAL MAKEOVERS…You may have seen them on television, but they happen every day at the Jonathan Dental Spa in Hawthorne, New Jersey. The focuses of Dr. Abenaim’s clinical practice are cosmetic and implant dentistry. We offer all aspects of cosmetic dentistry from:

– tooth colored fillings
– tooth whitening
– bonding
– porcelain veneers
– dental implants.

We all know everyone hates going to the dentist. Everyone hates staring unobtrusively at the ceiling while the dentist drills on your teeth. Everyone hates the smell of a dental office. We know you don’t enjoy waiting to be seen in the waiting room. We know all these unpleasant things because we are patients too. This is why Dr. Abenaim and his staff at Jonathan Dental Spa are here to make your dental experience not only tolerable but enjoyable. When you walk into our Hawthorne NJ office, you will be greeted with the soothing smell of aromatherapy to calm your nerves. During your short wait for the Doctor, you can treat yourself to our full of array of healthy soft drinks and powerbar snacks. Additionally, our waiting room will be outfitted with leather massage chairs, so that you can sit back and relax.

When you enter the room, you will be greeted with a huge smile from the doctor and staff along with a clean, soothing and sterile environment where your dental revolution will occur. The staff will allow you to choose from our vast collection of DVD’s to play on your virtual reality glasses; so that not only will you not see or hear what is going on, you will not have to stare blankly at the ceiling for long periods of time. When your procedure is finished in a timely and delicate manner, you will be given a hot towel to refresh yourself and go on with your day.

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