Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection

Dentist in Hawthorne, NJ

Preventing cavities is never as simple as just brushing your teeth. With the recent advances in technology, our dental office is able to detect your tooth issues in the earliest stages with laser technology Diagnodent.  A device that looks similar to a thermometer, we place the device on your tooth and emit light at a specific wavelength to detect hidden decay. If you have a healthy tooth, the full wavelength is reflected back, with a decayed tooth, there are reflected florescences that show Dr. Abenaim problem areas.


At our office, we can use both X-ray technology and Diagnodent to help keep your smile healthy and free of decay.

This painless scan is a safe and alternative way to detect tooth decay if you choose not to expose yourself to X-ray devices.

For general dental hygiene, we recommend cleanings at least every 6 months with a full check up at least once a year. During a full check up, we can use this technology to help inspect your teeth for any possible problem areas.

One note- while this technology is great for early detection, it is not suitable for candidates with previously restored teeth.

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